About Us

INVENTIVE Software Solutions Pvt Ltd has been registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956. Though initially formed with the objective of developing, testing and marketing of application software and web development. Now Company is today a diversified conglomerate, owing to its successful foray into Information Technology. Now the Company working as a group in below sectors like automated billing in Power sector, Engineering and Construction.

Company have developed a online application for generate consumer bills for power sector. Our dedicated team has collect the data by Electronic Machine and prepared the consumer bill. Undoubtedly we have achieved a satisfactory result.

Inventive means your ideas has come to true. Company is working in construction sector in various fields like Building, Road, Sewage Plant, Drainage Plant, Greenery Parks etc. Company has completed both of areas Residential as well as Commercial Projects.

Company is fully prepared for the demanding market needs and challenges. It has built-in capabilities- People, access to technology, relationship with Industry leaders and sensitivity to customer needs with a participative and collaborative environment. We have built our expertise over the past many years. Our Business model captures customer satisfaction as the top priority. We believe employees are the core of our success. We have a legacy of executing complex projects. Challenging projects require precision and vigilance. But with our dedicated team and execution skills, we are able to surmount all difficulties.


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